LumoPro Ultra Compact Background Light Stand review (LP734)

LumoPro has recently released an ultra-compact background light stand (LP734) designed for maximum portability when shooting on location or in studio. According to LumoPro team, the engineers spent weeks of testing and tweaking to make this new product right for the job, and in our opinion, they've succeeded in their efforts.

As with all LumoPro products, we've seen to the day, this background light stand is very well built. It feels solid and dependable. The knobs are large and comfortable to use. Being small, the stand easily supports most of the typical light sources: from speedlights to studio strobes.

LumoPro Ultra Compact Light Stand: using with Aurora Orion studio strobe LumoPro Ultra Compact Light Stand: knobs

LP734 can position the light from 1 to 3 feet off the ground (30cm to 1m), which makes it great for macro and tabletop photography, as well as for placing background, back and, in certain scenarios, even rim lights.

LumoPro Ultra Compact Light Stand: using with a speedlight, lowest position LumoPro Ultra Compact Light Stand: using with a speedlight, highest position

As you can see on the image below, when folded, the LumoPro background light stand is comparable in size to a regular hot-shoe flash (in this example, Canon Speedlite 580EX II). In fact, LumoPro LP734 is one of the world's smallest light stands available on the market today. It weighs 1.9 pounds (850 grams), and it is only 1 foot (30 cm) long when collapsed.

LumoPro Ultra Compact Light Stand: folded, compared to Canon Speedlite 580EX II

If you do a lot of outdoor photography, you will appreciate this LumoPro light stand even more because of its built-in retractable ground spikes. Using them practically frees you from carrying sandbags for securing your light.

LumoPro Ultra Compact Light Stand: ground spike for outdoor use

To sum up, LumoPro LP734 ultra compact background light stand is a excellent solution for background and back lighting in studio and on location. Compact and lightweight, it can also be a great help for macro and tabletop photographers. Ground spikes save you the trouble of bringing and using sandbags.

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