LumoPro Light Panel Set review

Jul 28 2012

Reflectors can be a great help for photographers shooting in a studio or on location. They help fill in the shadows or can even be the main light source when redirecting the light from powerful sources like the sun. Many companies offer a variety of reflector sizes and types: from small spring frame disks to large rectangular panels. In this article, we review a Light Panel Set from LumoPro, an established manufacturer of lighting gear.

The LumoPro Light Panel Set consists of 2 double-sided reflecting panels, 1 translucent panel, a light stand, an attachment system, and a carrying case. Thus, you get five different lighting options: white, silver, and gold reflectors, a black panel, and a shoot-through one.

LumoPro Light Panel Set: translucent panel, assembled LumoPro Light Panel Set: gold reflector panel
LumoPro Light Panel Set: disassembled LumoPro Light Panel Set: light stand, poles, center piece, carrying bag

We've come to expect great quality from LumoPro, and this Light Panel Set is no exception: all the materials are top-notch and the design is well thought-out. So, we expect the system to last for a long time.

The system is very easy to assemble, similar to putting up a camping tent. The two-piece poles stretch the cloth of the panel keeping it flat. The center piece, which is sort of a ball head, attaches to the stand and allows the panel to be positioned at different angles and rotated 360 degrees.

LumoPro Light Panel Set: center piece assembly LumoPro Light Panel Set: panel corner close up

All panels are 40" x 72" (102cm x 183cm), which makes them great for full-length portraits. Being lightweight (about 3.5lbs / 1.6kg), the system is very stable. For outdoor use, however, we would still recommend using sand bags to secure it.

The translucent panel can be used as a large softbox. In the example below, we used two speedlights on a couple of Nasty Clamps to create a large source of light for a portrait session.

LumoPro Light Panel Set: translucent panel used as a softbox with two speedlights LumoPro Light Panel Set: two speedlights on Nasty Clamps

If you plan on changing the panels during your photo shoot, we recommend assembling the system with the translucent panel and putting the other panels over it. This approach saves you time but adds some weight to the assembly, so make sure you are comfortable with it.

LumoPro Light Panel Set: gold/black panel over translucent

LumoPro Light Panel Set is a very compact and portable reflector system for this size. The following two images compare this kit to a 40" x 60" (102cm x 152cm) spring frame reflector. You can see that, while providing a larger surface, the LumoPro system is actually smaller when collapsed (even with the lightstand included).

LumoPro Light Panel Set: compared to 40 LumoPro Light Panel Set: collapsed, compared to 40

So, if you are in the market for large light panels for your studio or location work, you can't go wrong with LumoPro Light Panel Set.

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