LumoPro Background Support Kit review

Oct 11 2010

Selecting a background support system may not seem like a difficult task, and it probably isn't. However, there are things to consider when shopping for quality stands for your backgrounds. In this review, we're taking a closer look at LumoPro Background Stand Kit.

The first thing that strikes when you open the box is the carrying case. It's made if high-quality materials and components. The zippers, handles, and straps are all seem to be able to last for years. The more interesting part, however, is how the case is built on the inside.

The case is custom made for the LumoPro Background Kit. It accommodates two light stands and four crossbar sections. Each stand has its own padded compartment. The padding is not very thick, but it does a good job protecting the case content from scratches and dents, and, most importantly, protecting other equipment in your trunk from the metal studs and knobs of the kit stands.

LumoPro Background Support Kit: in the carrying case LumoPro Background Support Kit: open case

There are four round "sockets" inside the case that, along with four Velcro straps, hold the crossbar sections in place, keeping your background kit parts organized and easily accessible.

LumoPro Background Support Kit: crossbar LumoPro Background Support Kit: crossbar sections, Velcro straps

The crossbar is not telescopic, like some other background support systems. You have to connect the sections to get the desired length, which is not as convenient as extending a telescopic crossbar. The section designs, however, tend to be more robust than the telescopic ones. The LumoPro crossbar provides three length options: 6, 8, or 12 feet. The sections are "keyed" for easy and secure assembly.

LumoPro Background Support Kit: crossbar

The stands are well-built and deliver up to 13' of height. They are not cushioned, so we don't recommend re-using them as light stands. Each stand comes with a knob on the top to secure the crossbar once it's in place.

LumoPro Background Support Kit: logo, stand
LumoPro Background Support Kit: stand stud LumoPro Background Support Kit: crossbar secured on the stand with the knob

LumoPro Background System is heavy duty and can handle various kinds of backgrounds, including muslins, canvases, and paper rolls up to 12' wide (maximum load is 10 lbs.).

So, if you are looking for a dependable background support solution, LumoPro Background Kit can be a great choice. It is very well designed and built, and it comes with a custom padded carrying case that keeps the kit protected and organized.

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