LumoPro announces Double Flash Speedring Bracket

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Oct 16 2012

LumoPro has just released its new Double Flash Speedring Bracket (LP739). The design is based on a standard speedring, which makes it compatible with virtually any standard softbox up to 4' x 6' (122 cm x 183 cm) in size. Therefore, you don't necessarily need to buy a softbox designed specifically for portable hot shoe flashes — you can re-use your regular studio softboxes instead.

When you mount two flashes on the LP739 bracket, the heads of both units are centered within the speedring for perfect on-axis shooting. Obviously, a single flash can be used with this flash bracket, as well.

LP739 is said to be compatible with all the major radio triggers including PocketWizard, Cactus, Phottix, and more.

LumoPro Double Flash Speedring Bracket comes with a nice carrying case, which makes it even a better value at the current price of $49.99.

Double Flash Speedring Bracket (LP739): back view Double Flash Speedring Bracket (LP739): front view with two flashes
Double Flash Speedring Bracket (LP739): back view with two flashes Double Flash Speedring Bracket (LP739): used with a single flash
Double Flash Speedring Bracket (LP739): packed inside the carrying case Double Flash Speedring Bracket (LP739): carrying case

Please find the official press release below.

LumoPro Lighting, a leading developer and manufacturer of off camera flash equipment, is happy to announce the new LP739 Double Flash Speedring Bracket. After more than a year of development, we are successfully launching a bracket designed to mount two hot shoe flash units into most softboxes on the market, including their own durable softbox line. Inspired by an idea from a passionate salesperson at one of LumoPro’s authorized dealers, we worked hard to make this lightweight, rugged, and affordable bracket a reality. Using strong magnesium alloy and sourcing the most reliable parts for the cost. The LP739 allows photographers to adapt almost any flash and radio trigger combination into the ring to shoot into softboxes up to 4’x6’. The kit comes complete with a carrying case for easy, on-the-go photography. The LP739 is now available for order at authorized dealers Midwest Photo Exchange in the US, and CameraTools in the EU.


The LP739 Double Flash Speedring Bracket is a durable, lightweight solution to using your existing studio softboxes with small flash. Photographers now have the ability to use softboxes up to 4’x6’ without having to purchase specialty speed light softboxes. With two extending arms, the bracket can be used to mount one or two flash units, with or without shoe mount radio transmitters into the ring. The bracket arms are easily adjustable with sliding thumbscrew alignment spacers. Each flash is held on by a variable shoe mount (similar to the LP716) that is specially designed to prevent shorting out the shoe mount connections. The entire kit weighs under 2lbs and comes with a easily portable carrying case with handle.


Height: 8”
Width Max: 17.5”
Width Min: 14”
Depth: 6”
Weight: 1.2lbs
Warranty: 5 years

Height: 2.5”
Width: 13”
Depth: 10”
Weight: 0.5lbs

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