Honl Photo Gold-Silver Reflector vs. original (silver) version

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Mar 11 2010
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The recently released Honl Photo Gold-Silver Reflector is a new variation of the original Honl Photo Speed Reflector/Snoot. As the name suggests, it features a gold-silver reflecting surface (instead of a silver one) to produce warm tones that are great for portrait photography (similar to using the gold insert of LumiQuest ProMax System).

Honl Photo Gold-Silver Reflector: angle view Honl Photo Gold-Silver Reflector: top view

Two sample images below show the difference between the original Honl Photo Reflector (left) and the gold-silver one (right). Both images are taken with the on-camera flash and reflectors being set in such a way that some light is bounced off of the ceiling.

Honl Photo Original (Silver) Reflector: sample shot Honl Photo Gold-Silver Reflector: sample shot

Like the original design, the Gold-Silver Reflector can also be used as a snoot, but there is a difference in the results compared to the silver reflector. The reason for that is the fact that the new gold-silver surface is more reflective, as you can see in the image below.

Honl Photo Gold-Silver Reflector vs. original (silver) version

The shiny surface of the Honl's Gold-Silver Reflector creates reflections that affect performance of the snoot. The next two images show the spot created by the original Honl Photo Snoot (left) and the gold-silver one (right). Flash zoom is manually set to 105mm.

Honl Photo Original (Silver) Snoot: spot, flash zoom 105mm Honl Photo Gold-Silver Snoot: spot, flash zoom 105mm

As you can see, not only the reflection creates some sort of a halo around the spot, but also the halo has a different color compared to the "main spot", which is due to the reflector being gold. This is not necessarily bad and can be used creatively. However, it's definitely something to be aware of when choosing between the original and gold-silver snoot.

The following picture is taken with Honl Photo Gold-Silver Reflector as a single light source.

Honl Photo Gold-Silver Snoot: sample shot

Overall, Honl Photo Gold-Silver Reflector is a welcome addition to the Honl Photo line of flash light modifiers. It produces pleasing skin tones and can also be used as a snoot. The snoot performance, however, differs from the one of Honl Photo (Original, Silver) Reflector. This fact has to be considered when choosing a snoot.

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