Honl Photo Speed Strap review

Sep 02 2009
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Photo Speed Strap

Honl Speed Strap is what you need if you don't want adhere Velcro patches to your flash, but still want to use flash accessories. Honl Strap is a 1.5" (38mm) wide Velcro strap with a non-slip back surface. It has the length sufficient to be used with any hot shoe flash gun. It's being sold as a standalone accessory, and it is intended to be used with Honl Photo flash light modifiers. However, it can provide mount for any other flash accessories that use Velcro tabs for attaching to the flash head (for example, LumiQuest accessories).

Honl Photo Speed Strap: basic view Honl Photo Speed Strap: Vectro hooks
Honl Photo Speed Strap: on the flash

The only minor thing to take note of is that Honl Speed Strap wears a rather large Honl Photo badge at one end, which can get in way when you amount your accessories. So, when wrapping the strap around your flash head, it's better to keep the badge on the side you don't intend on using.

Honl Photo Speed Strap: logo Honl Photo Speed Strap: on the flash, logo

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