Honl Photo Speed Bounce Card / Gobo review

Mar 01 2010
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HonlPhoto Speed Gobo / Bounce Card

HonlPhoto Speed Bounce Card / Gobo (best flash diffuser rating: 8.57) is a very simple and effective lighting solution that serves a dual role. It can be used as a flag (gobo), or you can flip it over and use it as a bounce card. Like all HonlPhoto products, Bounce Card / Gobo is made of durable materials and has a professional look.

Since the old days, photographers use index cards attached to flash heads with rubber bands to create fill light for their images. HonlPhoto Bounce Card can be used the same way, but there is no hassle of using a rubber band. HonlPhoto Card is attached to a flash head with Velcro, which is faster and more convenient. Please note that to be able to attach HonlPhoto Bounce Card / Gobo to a flash head, you need to have self-adhesive Velcro pads on the flash head or buy HonlPhoto Speed Strap, which is sold separately.

Honl Photo Speed Bounce Card: angle view Honl Photo Speed Bounce Card vs. built-in catchlight card
Honl Photo Speed Gobo: attached a narrow flash head side Honl Photo Speed Bounce Card / Gobo: HonlPhoto logo, attachment close up

HonlPhoto Speed Bounce Card / Gobo is significantly larger than a regular built-in catchlight card or a flash head. It is capable of creating a light source of rather diffused light. It covers angle of view of a 50mm lens (approximately). For more details about frame coverage, please refer to the diffuser frame coverage test.

HonlPhoto Speed Bounce Card can be easily attached to any side of a flash head, so it can be used for both horizontal and vertical shots. (To be able to quickly go from horizontal to vertical shooting, attach the card to a narrow side of your flash head.)

Honl Photo Speed Bounce Card: vertical camera

Our tests show that HonlPhoto Speed Bounce Card is color neutral, and it does not produce any noticeable color cast.

HonlPhoto Speed Bounce Card / Gobo flash accessory really shines as a flag (gobo). It is large enough to effectively prevent flash light from spilling in the directions you don't want it to be spilled. If you attach two of these units to your hot shoe flash, you get yourself a set of barn doors.

Having said that, HonlPhoto Speed Bounce Card / Gobo is a relatively inexpensive and easy to use flash diffuser and light shaping tool. It can be a handy addition to a flash photographer's gear bag.

Below is a sample image taken with HonlPhoto Speed Bounce Card positioned about 3 feet from the subject.

Honl Photo Speed Bounce Card: sample shot

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