Aurora Lite Bank releases a larger version of their MINI/MAX softbox

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Oct 28 2010

Aurora Lite Bank is adding a new softbox to their family of MINI/MAX softboxes for hot shoe flashes. The new unit is called MAS, and it will be the biggest MINI/MAX softbox. Its dimensions are approximately 8" x 11" (20cm x 28cm). Unlike BHB (Big Honkin Box) version, which is the largest unit at the moment (6" x 8"), MAS is silver-lined, and it does not feature the top and bottom bounce windows.

Aurora MINI/MAX MAS Softbox: side view Aurora MINI/MAX MAS Softbox: angle view

The direct competitors of the new MINI/MAX softbox are LumiQuest Softbox III (8" x 9") and Honl Photo traveller8 Softbox (8" diameter). The image below shows all three diffusers side by side.

Aurora MINI/MAX MAS Softbox: compared to Honl Photo traveller8 Softbox and LumiQuest Softbox III

Aurora MINI/MAX softbox can be used on- and off-camera. It weights only 1.8 oz (50 grams), which is two times less than Honl Photo traveller8 Softbox and over three times less than LumiQuest Softbox III. When used on-camera, it is almost unnoticeable and handles very well despite its large size.

Like with any other speedlight softbox that does not come with some sort of a diffusion dome, we recommend using the widest flash zoom setting of your flash with MINI/MAX MAS to get the most of it. (Please refer to LumiQuest Softbox III test for more details.) The following image shows how the front diffuser of Aurora MINI/MAX MAS softbox is lit at 14mm flash zoom setting.

Aurora MINI/MAX MAS Softbox: light distribution with flash zoom set to 14mm

The image below is an off-camera example. Flash is positioned about three feet (one meter) away from the subject.

Aurora MINI/MAX MAS Softbox: portrait example, off-camera, 3 feet from subject

Like any other Aurora MINI/MAX softbox, the new large version is a high quality flash diffuser. It is lightweight and portable. It is well-suited for on- and off-camera. The price of MINI/MAX MAS Softbox is expected to be around $39(USD), and it is going to be available mid November 2010.

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