PRESSlite releases accessories for their VerteX light modifier: Pro Panels and OEM inserts

Dec 08 2009
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PRESSlite has started to sell Pro Panels and OEM inserts for their unique flash light modifier called VerteX.

The original design allows you moving the panels freely and set them at arbitrary angles. This approach gives you maximum control over your light. The position of the panel, however, is only controlled by the friction. It's possible to ruin the panel setup by accidently knocking it around. This is not a problem in general, but it can be a reason for some annoyance when shooting in dynamic environments.

To address the issue described above, PRESSlite launches the production of what they call Pro Panels. The new panels are very similar to the original PRESSlite panels. They have the same dimensions and can accept inserts on both sides. The only difference is the hinge. It makes the panel to snap to one of the 5 crucial positions: -90, -45, 0, 45, and 90 degrees. This, on one hand, limits your lighting options, but, on another hand, it makes it virtually impossible to accidentally knock the panels out of the place.

PRESSlite Vertex Pro Panel PRESSlite Vertex Pro Panel vs. original

After trying PRESSlite Pro Panels, we find that they are especially useful when shooting in the single panel configuration, where you want your panel stay put and only change the angle of the arms that support the panel.

Another recent PRESSlite product is Insert Pack OEM. The pack includes two white inserts (color neutral) for diffusing the light and two high-reflective (mirror-like) inserts for redirecting the light for bouncing. The inserts are identical to the original four panels included with the PRESSlite VerteX. So, now, you can purchased replacement inserts for your VerteX.

PRESSlite Vertex OEM Insert Pack

The "verdict" is simple: PRESSlite Pro Panels and Insert Pack OEM are welcome additions to the already great product.

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