PRESSlite releases a special report on a new color matching technique

Apr 20 2009
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PRESSlite, the manufacturer of PRESSlite VerteX flash light modifier, released a special report that describes a technique to address problems related to mixed color temperature situations. The company suggests making custom inserts for the PRESSlite reflector to match colored ceilings or walls. PRESSlite Vertex can accommodate up to four different inserts, so, in theory, you may have color correcting inserts for four different settings. This, of course, requires some prep work. Here are the steps PRESSlite suggests to color match a ceiling:

  • "At the time when you scope out the venue, as wedding photographers do prior to the event, take a picture of the ceiling along with a gray card or white balance tool, like the WhiBal.
  • White balance the picture of the ceiling by using the "eyedropper" tool in Lightroomr or other similar image processing software.
  • Print the picture (which can be cropped) of the ceiling on regular paper (matte, non glossy) or thicker card stock.
  • Create a custom insert, by cutting the printed picture of the ceiling to size. One of the inserts that comes with the PRESSlite VerteX can serve as a template."

The report ("VerteX The Sky Is Blue") is available in PDF format from the PRESSlite download page.

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