Speedlight Pro Kit 4 flash light modifiers review

Jun 14 2010

Speedlight Pro Kit 4 is a set of flash light modifiers that gives you a number of options to control your lighting. It consists of 4 silver reflectors, 1 translucent diffuser, 1 large honeycomb grid (interchangeable with the diffuser), 2 small domes (for bare bulb effect), and 2 short snoots with grid inserts of different cell sizes.

A silver reflector is the core building component of the several Speedlight Pro Kit flash accessories. Every reflector features snap fasteners to attach to other reflectors and elements of the system. We like the concept of the snaps. It makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the modifiers and provide a very secure connection between the different pieces.

The materials of Pro Kit are lightweight and have a very high quality. The units seem to be built to last, and they are look and feel very professional.

Speedlight Pro Kit 4: full set assembled Speedlight Pro Kit 4: logo
Speedlight Pro Kit 4: silver reflector Speedlight Pro Kit 4: snap fastener

With Speedlight Pro Kit 4, you can build two softboxes (best flash diffuser rating: 8.60): one with the translucent diffuser and one with the large grid. The diffuser and the grid can be attached with the snap fasteners. You may also use the softboxes without a front piece for stronger and harsher light.

Speedlight Pro Kit 4: softbox with translucent diffuser Speedlight Pro Kit 4: softbox with large grid
Speedlight Pro Kit 4: translucent diffuser and larger grid Speedlight Pro Kit 4: softbox without a  front piece

The small domes go inside the softboxes for better light distribution. Each dome is identical to the one included with Pro Kit Flexi Bounce diffuser, but in this case, it is secured on a flash head with an included rubber band. Using domes frees you from the necessity of paying attention to the flash zoom setting (please refer to LumiQuest Softbox III test for more details). You can still use the softboxes without the domes (if you lose them, for example), but in that case, we recommend using a wide angle flash zoom settings.

Speedlight Pro Kit 4: rubber band Speedlight Pro Kit 4: diffusion dome

The Pro Kit 4 snoots are about 3 1/2" long and can be used with or without grid inserts. The grids slide in and out of the snoots, and they are held in place by friction.

Speedlight Pro Kit 4: snoot with a grid insert Speedlight Pro Kit 4: grid comparison

Each of the modifiers of Pro Kit 4 can be attached to a flash head with one of the included Velcro straps. The reflectors and snoots are equipped with spongy non-slip pads for a good grip and flash head surface protection.

Speedlight Pro Kit 4: Velcro strap attaching a softbox Speedlight Pro Kit 4: padding on a silver reflector

Speedlight Pro Kit 4 is easy to disassemble into compact pieces, which makes the accessories very portable. A possible drawback, however, is the potential risk of loosing some of the pieces, as there are so many of them. This should not be a big concern for the majority of users, but we think it's worth mentioning.

Each Pro Kit 4 softbox is 5 1/4" by 8" in size, which makes them useful on and off camera. They are best fitted for close-up photography and close to medium rage portraits.

While on camera, they may interfere with some of the flash functions (like, for example, auto-focus assist beam or external metering), but typically, those features are still usable (it may depend on the flash model).

The images below show Speedlight Pro Kit 4 softbox, LumiQuest Softbox, and Aurora MINI/MAX Softbox side-by-side.

Speedlight Pro Kit 4: compared to LumiQuest Softbox Speedlight Pro Kit 4: compared to Aurora Mini/Max softbox

The following photo is an example of a portrait setup with Pro Kit 4 softbox with translucent diffuser as a main light and Pro Kit 4 softbox with grid as a hair/edge light.

Speedlight Pro Kit 4: portrait example

The next image is a tabletop photography example using a Pro Kit 4 softbox with the grid (above the subject) and a snoot with a grid insert (to the subject's right).

Speedlight Pro Kit 4: tabletop example

In a nutshell, Speedlight Pro Kit 4 brings you a great set of reliable tools. They are easy to use, and they deliver great quality, professional look and feel. Pro Kit 4 light modifiers are great for tabletop and macro photography. They also work very well for portraits and can be used in studio, as well as on the go.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.