GamiLight releases SQUARE 43 softbox for off-camera flash applications

Apr 08 2011

Update: GamiLight SQUARE 43 softbox review

A newly emerged Malaysian company Gami Light Concepts has recently released its first light modifier SQUARE 43. GamiLight SQUARE 43 is a large softbox that is designed for off-camera flash photography. Company claims that the diffuser is very easy to set up and use. The weight of the ligth modifier is just 14 oz (400 grams) that is quite impressive for a softbox of this size. The attachment system is specifically designed for the GamiLight line of products and uses snap fasteners, which seem to be better than the usual Velcro attachments. Please find product images and the company's press release below.

GamiLight SQUARE 43 softbox: front angle view GamiLight SQUARE 43 softbox: mounted on Nissin Di866 Professional, back view

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Date: 1st March 2011

Gami Light Concepts, a Malaysian based company who pride itself for being one of the first in South East Asia to contribute innovative products to the photography world has launched its first product, a softbox called SQAURE 43. This softbox is built with high quality PP, a plastic sheet that folds flat to 43cm x 43cm with reflective silver panels on its body and a fabric diffuser on the outside. Weighing a mere 0.40kg, it is super lightweight and it ensures that it sticks on the flash head without leaning forward. It further enhances its position with a cool mount that snaps on the flash firmly. Light loss is approximately 1 Stop.

Gami Light Concepts is spearheaded by Dennis Kok, who has made himself a name to be reckoned with in light modifying kits and accessories previously known as Speedlight Pro Kit. With Dennis Kok at helm, his team consists of Chee Foong who is a video animator by profession, Kit Lee, a professional photographer and Sam Poon who is in sales and marketing for overseas dealers.

Gami as the word suggests, it folds away a series of lighting modifiers as simple as possible to make the shooting experience enjoyable. "It gives you the best result with the best value you could get. We always think for you first as a photographer who wants freedom and hassle free in your shooting. Our products cater to the needs of amateur or professional photographer. Absolutely fool proof and minimum fuss on setup, enjoy maximum fun as you may focus on your photography." A jubilant Dennis Kok who also the head of R&D explained. "We planned to roll out one product each month from March to June, 2011. Next on our line up will be BOX 21, a smaller size of softbox that can be used on-board and off camera setting. Followed by SPOT 3, a snoot. EVENT PRO & EVENT FUN, on-board bounce kits" added Dennis Kok.

Gami Light Concepts mission statement is to invent kits that are as simple as origami for amateur and professional photographers alike, offering strobists or off camera photographers more and better choices of kits with great value for money.

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