ExpoImaging releases Rogue FlashBenders - a new line of flash light modifiers

Jun 04 2010

Update: Rogue FlashBender Bounce Card/Flag review

Update: Rogue FlashBender Positionable Reflectors review

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ExpoImaging is known for its innovation and great products. Products, like ExpoDisc and Ray Flash, are popular around the globe. The company now enters the market of flash light diffusers with its new line of Rogue FlahsBenders. These new light modifiers can be used as bounce cards, flags (gobos), and snoots because each of them features a built-in set of wires that allows to easily change the shape. This design delivers a new level of control and creativity.

A detailed review is coming soon. Below is the official press release.

Rogue FlashBenders

WATSONVILLE, Calif., June 4, 2010-ExpoImaging, Inc., which markets, designs, manufactures and distributes innovative camera accessories to the photographic market, today announced the release of Rogue FlashBenders, the first of several tools in a newly created Rogue Photographic Design line of light modification products. Rogue FlashBenders comprise a new system of positionable modifiers for shoe mount flash that offer precision lighting control for small strobe enthusiasts.

The flexible, shapeable Rogue FlashBenders were created to enable photographers to direct light exactly where it's needed or to shield it from where it's not. The patent-pending design incorporates positionable rods that molds the reflectors to a given shape and holds them firmly in place. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, these versatile, portable and rugged light modifiers can be attached and shaped in seconds, then removed and folded flat to fit into any gear bag just as quickly.

"Whether you're a professional or amateur photographer, shooting in-studio or on-location, lighting with strobes involves controlling and shaping the light to get the image you want," said Erik Sowder, CEO of ExpoImaging, Inc. "We believe Rogue FlashBenders represent a leap forward in terms of versatility, control and convenience for anyone shooting with shoe mount flash."

FlashBenders install quickly with an easy belt attachment and are designed to work with all makes and models of shoe mount flash, thereby reducing both the need for model-specific purchases and total amount of gear carried.

Currently, Rogue FlashBenders are available in three models:

  • The Bounce Card/Flag can be used either as a reflector to bounce light onto a subject or as a flag to shield it away. The Bounce Card/Flag contains one (1) positionable rod to mold the product and hold it in place; the Bounce Card weighs approximately 3 oz. (85g) and measures approximately 5" x 9" (127mm x 228mm).
  • The Small Reflector can be used as a reflector, flag or as a snoot to produce a narrow circle of light. The Small Reflector includes two (2) positional rods, weighs approximately 3 oz. (85g) and measures approximately 10" x 7" (254mm x 178mm).
  • The Large Reflector can be used as a reflector, flag or as a snoot. The Large Reflector offers twice the reflective surface area of the Small Reflector, includes three (3) positional rods, weighs approximately 6 oz. (170g) and measures approximately 10" x 11" (254mm x 280mm).

Pricing and Availability

Rouge FlashBenders are available now individually or as a complete set through ExpoImaging's distribution partners worldwide or online at www.expoimaging.com. The Bounce Card/Flag is priced at $29.95; the Small Reflector at $34.95 and the Large Reflector at $39.95. The 3-piece set is available for $104.85.

About Rogue Photographic Design

Created by ExpoImaging, Rogue Photographic Design is a new line of innovative lighting equipment for small strobe lighting enthusiasts. These versatile new lighting tools provide photographers with remarkable power to control the light from their shoe mount flashes. More information about current (and future) offerings from Rogue Photographic Design is available at www.expoimaging.com.

About ExpoImaging, Inc.

ExpoImaging, Inc., markets, designs, manufactures and distributes innovative camera accessories to the photographic market. ExpoImaging is the pioneer in digital white balance filters and is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Rogue Photographic Design, ExpoDisc White Balance Filters and the ExpoAperture2 Depth-of-Field Guide. ExpoImaging is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of Ray Flash: The Ring Light Adapter. These unique products are available at select photography dealers worldwide or online at www.expoimaging.com.

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