LumoPro updates their Reflector Arm Holder

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Jul 16 2010

LumoPro has released an updated version of their Reflector Arm Holder. Besides its main function of holding reflectors, the new improved arm features two 5/8" studs on both ends. Thus, you can attach a flash gun to it and use the arm as a mini-boom. (This can be useful for positioning a hair light, for example.) Of course, to be able to do that, you need to put a weight on the other end of the arm holder, which is why the unit also includes a carabiner now. The carabiner can be attached to the second stud where you put your weight bags.

LumoPro Reflector Arm Holder: metal stud to mount a flash on LumoPro Reflector Arm Holder: carabiner to hold a weight

The image below shows LumoPro LP160 flash with Honl Photo Speed Grid mounted on LumoPro Reflector Arm Holder.

LumoPro Reflector Arm Holder: LumoPro LP160 with HonlPhoto Speed Grid

LumoPro Reflector Arm Holder works with reflectors of different shapes up to 48" wide. The telescopic arm collapses to 29" for storage. The weight of the unit is 3 pounds.

So, with this release LumoPro makes their product of high quality and professional grade even more functional.

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