Joe Demb releases Mega Flip-it! Kit modular flash reflector

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Jul 06 2009

Joe Demb has released a new flash diffuser. The name is Mega Flip-it! Kit. It is designed to be used primarily as a portrait main light.

Demb Mega Flip-it! Kit: Mega reflector Demb Mega Flip-it! Kit: Super reflector

Demb Mega Flip-it! Kit features a new mount. The collar and the hinge are similar to the ones seen in the regular Demb Flip-it!. The hinge, however, has a Velcro attachment system that allows the quick switching of reflectors. The new component is an angled Plexiglass piece to keep the reflector farther away from the flash.

Demb Mega Flip-it! Kit comes with two interchangeable reflectors. Mega Reflector is semi-matte and 6 1/2" x 7" in size. The additional Super Reflector has glossy surface and is smaller - 5 1/2" x 6".

Demb Mega Flip-it! Kit: mount

Four sets of Velcro tabs are also shipped with the Mega Kit. They can be used to attach your own (DIY) reflectors to the new Velcro attachment system.

The image below shows the differences in sizes between Demb Mega and Super reflectors, LumiQuest Softbox, and LumiQuest Softbox III.

Demb Mega Flip-it! Kit: compared to LumiQuest sofboxes

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