Joe Demb redesigns his line of Flip-it! flash light modifiers

Aug 25 2009

Following the release of Demb Mega Flip-it! modular reflector, Joe Demb redesigns his entire line of flash light modifiers. The new Demb Flash Diffuser (best flash diffuser rating: 8.72) and Demb Flip-it! reflector (best flash diffuser rating: 8.63) utilize the Plexiglass mount design that was first seen in the Mega model. The new mount positions the flash light in the center of the reflector and makes the products look more appealing. (Please note that Flip-it! 400 and Flip-it! Jr. do not employ the Plexiglass design.)

Demb Flash Diffuser: new vs. old Demb Flipt-it! flash reflector: new vs. old

The new Demb Big Flip-it! gets a slightly larger reflector (4.5"x5") and replaces both, the Jumbo model and the old 4"x4.5" Big unit. The surface of the reflector is semi-matte and is aimed to end the "matte-vs-glossy" discussions (confusion). Thus, the new semi-matte Big Flip-it! reflector is supposed to bring to the customer the best of the three discontinued models (Jumbo, Big Glossy, Big Matte).

Similar to Mega Flip-it! reflector, Demb Flash Diffuser and Big Flip-it! reflector become modular devices allowing the reflector panel to be easy interchangeable with any other ones of your choice (sold separately or homemade).

Another important aspect of the Demb Flip-it! line redesign is the replacement of the craft quality materials (such as vinyl) with the industrial types (ABS, polypropylene, and acrylic). The new materials deliver better heat resistance and durability.

Read a more detailed comparison review: Demb Flip-it! (Demb Flash Diffuser) - new desing vs. old design

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