LumiQuest Softbox III

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LumiQuest Softbox III
Flash head: direct
Flash zoom: 50mm
Exposure compensation: -2 stop

Demb Flash Diffuser (old design)
Demb Big Flip-it! (old design)
PRESSlite Vertex: wide spread
PRESSlite Vertex
Honl Photo Bounce Card / Gobo
Honl Photo Speed Reflector / Snoot
Demb Mega Flip-it!: mega reflector, vertical
Demb Mega Flip-it!: mega reflector, horizontal
Demb Mega Flip-it!: super reflector
SpectraLight: bounce, white refelctor
SpectraLight: shoot through, translucent insert
LumiQuest Softbox
LumiQuest Softbox III
LumiQuest Big Bounce
LumiQuest Quik Bouce
LumiQuest ProMax System: white insert
LumiQuest ProMax System: white insert, diffuser
Hanson Skin Glow!
F16 P45A-001: narrow side
F16 P45A-001: wide side
Gary Fong WhaleTail Studio

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