Top 10 gift ideas under $100 for photographers. Holiday guide 2015.

Dec 03 2015

Are you looking to buy a present for someone who's into photography? Or maybe you are a photographer yourself thinking about getting another gadget? Below, you can find our 10 best purchasing ideas for photographers. These products should not take too much toll on your wallet ;). Most of them are between $20 and $100, but if you want to throw a few more bucks in, there are some options for you, as well.

Peak Design straps: Slide and Clutch

under $60

Most DSLR cameras come with a neck strap. These straps are free and generally, well, not so good. They are quite uncomfortable in use and hard to detach from the camera, if needed. Peak Design makes some awesome straps. Our favorites are Slide and Clutch. Peak Design Slide is a sling strap that can also convert to a shoulder and a neck strap, which makes it one of the most versatile camera straps. Peak Design Clutch is a hand strap, which features a unique quick adjustment function that delivers a secure grip and easy access to camera controls. Innovative attachment system, clever design, and great quality are the ingredients you need to impress any photographer.

Top 10 gift ideas: Peak Design Slide Top 10 gift ideas: Peak Design Clutch
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ExpoDisc 2 white balance tool

under $50

Proper colors (white balance) is one of the attributes of any professional photograph. One of the most reliable and easy ways to achieve proper white balance is to use the ExpoDisc 2 filter. It instantly attaches to the front of a lens and allows to get proper colors right in the camera minimizing post-processing work. Whether a picture is being taken indoors or outdoors, with natural light or flashes, ExpoDisc 2 is a must-have.

Top 10 gift ideas: ExpoDisc 2, on lens Top 10 gift ideas: ExpoDisc 2, next to case

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PortraitPro software

under $80

Taking portraits may present a lot of challenges to photographers not only during the photo shoot but also in post-processing of the images: from skin and face imperfections to lighting and make-up problems. PortraitPro is a very popular software that allows you to dramatically improve the portrait with minimum effort. Achieving similar results with the traditional photo editing suites, like Photoshop, requires proper skills and time. PortraitPro can be used by virtually anyone, and the latest features, like re-lighting or make-up enhancements, have taken this application to a whole new level. There are 3 versions currently available, but for most photographers, we recommend the PortraitPro Studio.

Top 10 gift ideas: Portrait Pro, before Top 10 gift ideas: Portrait Pro, after

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GorillaPod flexible tripod

under $40

The GorillaPod by Joby is a proven solution for setting up a camera in difficult spots: poles, rocks, doors, fences, branches, you name it. The GorillaPod lets photographers capture new perspectives and avoid carrying the bulkier conventional tripods. There is a number of different models of the GorillaPod available. We recommend GorillaPod Original for smaller cameras weighing up to 11.5 oz (325g) and GorillaPod SLR-Zoom for DSLR cameras with bigger lenses.

Top 10 gift ideas: GorillaPod, on flat surface Top 10 gift ideas: GorillaPod, on a pole
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Pixel X800c and X800n flashes

under $100

While natural light photography is great, flash photography opens up even more possibilities for creativity. Portable hot-shoe flashes (speedlights) are a great way to do flash photography. Pixel makes fully featured affordable speedlights: X800c for Canon and X800n for Nikon. A Pixel flash can be an excellent first speedlight or an additional unit for multi-flash photography. The Standard version of this flash is just under $100, but if you are willing to spend some more, the Pixel X800c Pro offers built-in radio triggering capabilities in addition to all of the features of the Pixel X800c Standard.

Top 10 gift ideas: Pixel X800c flashes Top 10 gift ideas: Pixel X800c, controls

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LumoPro LightSwitch convertible flash case and modifier

under $35

To protect a speedlight, using a carrying case can be a good idea. Even though many speedlights come with carrying cases these days, most of them are very basic and may not deliver proper protection. The LumoPro LightSwitch speedlight case offers extra thick padding, but most importantly, it converts into a flash light modifier. The LightSwitch case can be unzipped into two pieces to serve as a reflector, bounce card, flag, and even a snoot. It can make the coolest gift for any flash photographer.

Top 10 gift ideas: LumoPro LightSwitch, case Top 10 gift ideas: LumoPro LightSwitch, unzipped into two accessories

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MagMod 2 Basic Kit

under $90

Any photographer that uses flashes can benefit from various types of flash accessories. The MagMod folks have developed a system that uses magnets to attach light modifiers to a flash. The MagMod 2 Basic Kit comes with a grid, 8 color correction gels with a gel holder, and the attachment band, which is the core of the system. It can make a great present for any flash photographer. Other modifiers, like snoots and diffusers, can be purchased later.

Top 10 gift ideas: MagMod 2 Basic kit Top 10 gift ideas: MagMod 2, MagGrid on a flash

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RoundFlash Dish

under $60

Beauty dishes are popular light modifiers among portrait photographers. They are usually quite bulky and heavy. RoundFlash Dish is a quite original collapsible beauty dish that is extremely portable. It works with virtually any speedlight and delivers great light quality. For $20 more, you may also want to consider RoundFlash Ring, a ring light, which is most commonly used in fashion photography.

Top 10 gift ideas: RoundFlash Dish, side view Top 10 gift ideas: RoundFlash Dish, collapsed vs. expanded

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Rogue FlashBenders 2

under $40

The Rogue FlashBenders is another unique system of flash light modifiers. These bendable reflectors let photographers shape the light any way they want. Rogue FlashBenders is a family of accessories from the Bounce Card to the Pro XL unit, which comes with a number of different attachments including softbox and stripbox with a grid. If we have to pick one, we feel that the Large FlashBender would be optimal for most people. It costs around $40. Our favorite tool, however, is the Pro XL, which is almost a $100. It is designed for off-camera flash applications and is suited best for more advanced photographers.

Top 10 gift ideas: Rogue FlashBenders 2, XL Pro with grid and softbox attachments Top 10 gift ideas: Rogue FlashBenders 2, Small

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Light Blaster flash projector

under $100

The Light Blaster is an advanced tool for flash photographers. It projects images on walls and other surfaces to create custom backgrounds and various special effects. It requires a flash and a lens to be attached to it. We like using some old lenses with it, which are not seeing too much use anymore. The creative options are endless. By projecting color slides and patterns, photographers can create truly unique images. We find the Light Blaster very inspirational gadget that boost creativity. This can be an excellent gift, especially when combined with some of the slides from the Creative Kits.

Top 10 gift ideas: Light Blaster Top 10 gift ideas: Light Blaster slides

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