Capbuckle lens cap holder review

Nov 03 2014

We all know that lens caps are easy to lose. They are typically not too expensive to replace, but they still cost money and, of course, there is a hassle of ordering and waiting for one. Even if you don't lose the cap, it's sometime hard to remember where it is, and it takes time to find it. Perhaps the worst part, however, is that, if you misplace your lens cap, the lens stays unprotected and can potentially be damaged. The Capbuckle lens cap holder is designed to help photographers avoid the frustration of losing a lens cap and even save some money in the long run.

Capbuckle is a handy simple accessory that you put on your camera strap. You can snap a lens cap right onto to it, where it stays securely attached just like on the lens itself. So, the cap always stays with the camera, and all you need to do is not to lose your camera :).

CapBuckle: packaging front CapBuckle: packaging back

CapBuckle is currently available in 5 flavors, and each of them can fit 3 different cap sizes: one size on the front side and two sizes on the back. (The smallest Capbuckle can actually fit 4 cap sizes.) Note, when you attach Capbuckle to your camera strap, the desired cap size should be faced up. If you swap the lens for another one with a different filter size, you need to re-attach the Capbuckle holder flipping it to the opposite side. For the purposes of this review, we used the largest version of Capbuckle, which can accommodate 72 mm, 77 mm, and 82 mm lens caps.

CapBuckle: front, 77 mm cap size CapBuckle: back, 72 mm and 82 mm cap sizes

We are used to the camera strap to be very light. Capbuckle, while being very lightweight (0.9 oz / 26 g), adds some bulk to the camera strap. A 77 mm lens cap adds another 0.7 oz / 20 grams. So, it took us a little bit of time to get used to having something permanently attached to the strap, but soon we stopped noticing it.

When putting Capbuckle on your camera strap, try to figure out the optimal position for it. You don't want it to be too close to your neck. We like attaching it closer to the camera, but not too close, so it does not get in the way. Depending on your camera, strap, and the Capbuckle size, your preferred placement can be different.

CapBuckle: attaching to a strap CapBuckle: attached to a strap, back side
CapBuckle: on a strap, higher position CapBuckle: on a strap lower position

Even though Capbuckle was designed to be on a camera strap, we found that attaching it to other things can also work quite well. For example, if you wear a soft belt, attaching Capbuckle to it can be a feasible option. Another way to use Capbuckle is attaching it to a baseball cap (see images below). You don't necessarily want to show up in front of a client with a Capbuckle on your forehead, but when there is not too many people around, attaching the cap to your head is a great way of using Capbuckle. Example applications would be macro, wildlife, landscape, etc.

CapBuckle: attached to a baseball cap, forehead CapBuckle: attached to a baseball cap, back of the head

Besides being a home for your lens cap, Capbuckle also helps keep the caps neat and clean, which in turn means that your lenses stay cleaner, as well.

Please note that when putting your camera away with Capbuckle attached to the strap, you may need to make an extra effort to place Capbuckle in your gear bag nicely. We generally try to put it in a way that it does not touch any other equipment, including the camera itself.

CapBuckle: in a gear back

To conclude, Capbuckle lens cap holder is a nifty accessory that we can recommend to all photographers regardless of the camera type and skill level. Capbuckle keeps your lens cap always handy and saves you money and frustration. For example, an original Canon 77 mm lens cap costs about $15. Third-party ones of the same size are about $5. The 77 mm Capbuckle holder is currently priced just under $10 (check the latest prices below; they may vary based on the size). So, Capbuckle is a must-have on our list. The only thing we could wish for Capbuckle is to have one universal model that takes caps of any size, so there is no need to have multiple units.

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