Phottix Mitros firmware update: test and overview

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Jan 23 2014
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Phottix Mitros TTL Flash for Canon
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Phottix has released the updates for its Mitros flashes. They address a number of issues, improve overall performance, and even improve usability. The updates are available for both Canon and Nikon models, but, since the Canon version of the flash was released months before its Nikon counterpart, the Canon firmware carries more changes.

We are particularly happy with the Canon update, because it addresses the issue we described in our Phottix Mitros in-depth review few months ago. We did not like that the power adjustment could not be made by pressing and holding the arrow buttons. The new v1.02B5 firmware update for Canon implements this fast power adjustment function.

We did have an issue with our flash during the update, though. It turned out that the flash was not recognized by our Mac systems. We contacted Phottix, and the customer support was super fast to figure out the problem and respond: our unit was one of the early Mitros flashes (firmware version 1.02), which could not be updated on a Mac system. So, we had to resort to using a Windows computer, where the update went smoothly. The later Mitros flashes can be updated on Macs without a problem: 1.04 or later for Canon and 1.03 or later for Nikon.

Phottix Mitros flash: firmware update 1.02B5

Another fairly significant improvement for both Canon and Nikon Mitros flashes is the optimization of overheating protection, which allows the flash to fire for longer periods before the function kicks in.

Other improvements include optimization of flash power levels and various bug fixes related to using Canon EOS M, 10D, and G1X.

For detailed information and downloads, please refer to the Phottix download page.

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