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Jun 26 2012
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Rogue Starter Flash Lighting Kit
Rogue Portrait Flash Lighting Kit
Rogue Master Flash Lighting Kit

ExpoImaging, Inc., the creator and manufacturer of Rogue Photographic product line including versatile FlashBender light modifiers, has just launched three different lighting kits. With a kit of your choice, you save about 10 percent compared to if you buy the same accessories separately.

The Rogue Starter Kit consists of Small FlashBender Reflector (Diffusion Panel is included), FlashBender Bounce Card, and Universal Rogue Gels. This is the most compact and portable kit out of the three, and it is suitable for a variety of lighting setups: from table top photography to simple portraits.

The Rogue Portrait Kit replaces the Small FlashBender with a Large FlashBender Reflector and adds a Rogue Grid. The kit gives you more flexibility, and it is well-suited for portraiture because of the larger diffuser size and inclusion of a grid, which can be used with hair or rim light.

The Rogue Master Kit is the most versatile lighting solution. As a step up from the Portrait Kit, it adds a Small FlashBender Reflector and dedicated Rogue Grid Gels. (Please note that Diffusion Panel is only included for the Large Reflector.) With the Master Kit, you can create complex lighting setups with four or five flashes, gelling one or two of them, using the reflectors as softboxes or snoots, selecting one of the three spot sizes offered by the grid and so on.

Rogue Starter Kit
Rogue Portrait Kit Rogue Master Kit

Depending on the type of photography you do, you can pick the kit that better fits your current situation or go with the Master Kit to give yourself more options for creativity and save a bit more money. If you are not sure what you need, the Starter Kit can be a good choice as you can always add more accessories to your gear bag later.

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