PocketWizard Plus III: a redefined remote flash and camera triggering solution

Feb 27 2012

LPA Design has launched PocketWizard Plus III, a successor to the company's world renowned radio transceiver PocketWizard Plus II. The new trigger not only improves the characteristics of the previous model but also incorporates a number of features found on the higher-end PocketWizard MultiMAX transceiver, which includes 32 channels, 4 remote zones/groups, back-lit LCD screen, and a USB port for firmware updates and external power connection.

The design of the PocketWizard Plus III looks fresh, modern, and sleek. The antenna is now integrated into the body of the trigger making it more compact and easier to use.

The new transceiver is capable of triggering at speeds up to 14.5 frames per second, whereas the Plus II model can keep up with a camera shooting at 12 FPS and below.

PocketWizard Plus III has two new modes that can be very valuable in challenging environments of the real wold applications. The new Long Range Mode (LR) doubles the effective range, while the Repeater Mode (RP) allows using several Plus III units for re-transmitting the signal to extend your connection range. The LR and RP modes may, however, limit the maximum sync speed as they take some extra time to do the job.

The designers of the PocketWizard Plus III triggers took an interesting approach of placing the LCD on the side of the unit rather than on the back. We can see that this kind of layout can be more convenient in some situations, but its usability may depend on your specific workflow.

Another step up from the Plus II model is the new two-stage Test button of PocketWizard Plus III. It allows you to trigger your camera the same way you do it with the shutter release button on the camera itself. Pressing the Test button half-way lets you wake your camera up and focus it, while pressing it all the way captures the image.

Like the MultiMAX trigger, PocketWizard Plus III features a battery indicator, which was missing on its predecessor.

PocketWizard Plus III transceiver looks like an exciting remote flash/camera trigger solution. It can now be pre-ordered from a number of major retailers. For more information, please visit the Plus III product page.

PocketWizard Plus III transceiver: front view, controls, LCD PocketWizard Plus III transceiver: back view, battery compartment, tripod mounting
PocketWizard Plus III transceiver: on a Nikon camera, front angle view

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