Demb Pop-Up Flip-it!: Deluxe vs. Basic

Jul 30 2012

Not long ago, Joe Demb introduced his Pop-Up Flip-it! light modifier for pop-up flashes of today's cameras. We believe that it is one of the best solutions of this kind on the market today. (For more details, please refer to our Demb Pop-Up Flip-it! review and Demb Pop-Up Flip-it! test.). The model we reviewed then was primarily designed to fit most DSLR cameras built by Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Fuji. To fit virtually any brand of the DSLR world plus some mirrorless cameras, such as Olympus OMD and Sony NEX, Joe now offers Pop-Up Flip-it! Basic, which has a simpler design and a lower price. The original design is available, as well, and it is now called Pop-Up Flip-it! Deluxe

There are three main differences between the Basic and Deluxe models: hinge, attachment system, and reflector size. The Deluxe version inserts into the hot shoe, has a friction hinge and a larger reflector. The Basic model mounts directly on the flash, has a stamped polyethylene hinge, and features a reflector panel that is about half the size of the Deluxe one.

The smaller size makes Demb Pop-Up Flip-it! Basic even more portable. It is truly tiny, but it delivers practically the same quality of light as its bigger brother.

Personally, we prefer the Deluxe unit, as we like the precise positioning of the reflector. However, it is hard to beat the compactness of the Pop-up Flit-it! Basic, especially combined with the 40 percent lower price. Also, if you want a universal attachment (for example, to be able to share the unit with any of your friends), the Basic model is a clear choice.

Demb Pop-Up flip-it!: front angle view Demb Pop-Up flip-it!: back/side view, stamped polyethylene hinge
Demb Pop-Up flip-it!: small size Demb Pop-Up flip-it!: compared to the Deluxe version, attachment

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