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Sep 20 2011
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Expoimaging Rogue Gels: Universal
Expoimaging Rogue Gels for Rogue Grid

Update: Rogue Gels (Filters) review

ExpoImaging has released an addition to its Rogue Photographic Design line of products - Rogue Gel Kits. They come in two flavors: Universal and Grid-only. The Universal Rouge Gels fit virtually any hot shoe flash and can be used with a wide range of flash accessories including grids, snoots, and various kinds of diffusers, whereas the Grid-only kit is designed to be used specifically with Rogue Grid.

Both kits consist of 20 gels each (14 artistic, 5 color correcting, and 1 diffusing). They are neatly organized with tabs inside an elegant pouch that is included with each filter set.

Please find the official press release below.

Rogue Photographic Design Universal Gel Kit
Rogue Photographic Design Gel Kit for Rogue Grid


Introducing Rogue Gels: Lighting Filter Kits For Use With Shoe Mount Flashes,Rogue FlashBenders And Rogue Grid

Rogue Gel Kits from ExpoImaging provide 20 colors of stackable lighting filters in two new kits that include a durable padded storage pouch with a quick reference organizer.

Las Vegas, Nevada, Photoshop World — September 7, 2011 — ExpoImaging, Inc., which markets, designs, manufactures and distributes innovative camera accessories to the photographic market, today announced availability of Rogue Gels, the newest addition to its Rogue Photographic Design line of products.

Rogue Gel Kits offer photographers a choice of 20 dynamic color and correction filters to help create dramatic and theatrical lighting. Each kit includes a combination of 14 color effects gels, 5 color correction gels, and 1 diffusion gel inside a compact storage pouch with quick reference dividers to keep the gels safe and organized.

Rogue Gels are individually printed with the LEE Filter™ name of each gel, as well as the gel's measured f/stop loss value, and when appropriate the corresponding Kelvin color temperature correction and camera white balance icon.

Rogue Gels are sold in two innovative styles, the Rogue Universal Lighting Filter Kit and the Lighting Filter Kit for Rogue Grid.

Rogue Universal Gels are designed to fit most standard shoe mount flashes. The Rogue Gel-Band, which is included with the Universal Filter Kit, is used to quickly attach the tabs on the Universal Gels to the flash head. With a coverage area of 3” x 2.5” (76mm x 63mm) they are large enough to cover even the largest flash heads.

Rogue Grid Gels are designed to be used exclusively with the Rogue Grid. They are cut to nest into the circular Grid bezel in front of the molded honeycomb grids.

“Our goal is to continue designing innovative and versatile tools for photographers. Realizing that lighting filters [gels] are a widely used commodity in photography, we approached this project with the intention of adding value by making our gels easier to use,” said Erik Sowder, CEO of ExpoImaging, Inc. “The Rogue Gels' innovative design improves the overall convenience of using gels by making them easier to identify, attach, and stow away. No other gel system is as easy to use, or I think, as elegant.”

Colored lighting filters, or gels are often used in photography on accent lights, or to add dramatic color to backgrounds or selected portions of a scene for artistic effect.

Correction filters are typically used to adjust the color temperature of a flash to better match other light sources to improve overall color balance in an image.

Rogue Gels are made from the highest quality lighting filter material from LEE Filters UK, the world's leading manufacturer of lighting filter materials.

Pricing and Availability

Rogue Gels are available now through ExpoImaging's distribution partners worldwide, or online at www.expoimaging.com. Rogue Gels - Universal Lighting Filter Kit $29.95, Rogue Gels - Lighting Filter Kit for Rogue Grid $27.95.

About Rogue Photographic Design

Created by ExpoImaging, Rogue Photographic Design is a growing line of innovative lighting equipment for speed light enthusiasts. These versatile new lighting tools provide photographers with remarkable power to control the light from their shoe mount flashes. More information about offerings from Rogue Photographic Design is available at www.expoimaging.com.

About ExpoImaging, Inc.

ExpoImaging, Inc. markets, designs, manufactures and distributes innovative camera accessories to the photographic market. ExpoImaging is the pioneer in white balance filters and manufactures ExpoDisc White Balance Filters, Rogue Photographic Design, Rogue FlashBenders, Rogue Grid, Rogue Gels, and the ExpoAperture2 Depth-of-Field Guide. ExpoImaging is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of Ray Flash: The Ring Light Adapter. These unique products are available at select photography dealers worldwide or online at www.expoimaging.com.

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