LumiQuest releases SoLite - a solar light bulb for outdoor photographers

Oct 20 2011

LumiQuest, one of the leading manufacturers of photographic accessories, has just released a new product: a solar powered light bulb called SoLite. LumiQuest SoLite can be quite useful to photographers working in remote locations, and it is also a great companion for many other outdoor activities including recreational ones. SoLite is made of top quality materials. It is rainproof, shatter- and heat-resistant. It can last for over 6 hours on a single charge, and the batteries maintain charging efficiency even if exposed to temperatures up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius).

Please find the official press release below.

LumiQuest SoLite solar light bulb

LumiQuest SoLite-The World's Only Solar Light Bulb

New Braunfels, TX, USA - October 15, 2011:

The LumiQuest SoLite is an essential product for all off-the-grid activities including power and sail boating, outdoor photography and recreation. In addition, the SoLite is a must have item for disaster relief-blackouts, hurricanes, etc.

"At LumiQuest we are known as the leader in photographic flash accessories, states Heidi Kenny, President of LumiQuest. However, when we were introduced to this solar light bulb, we knew it would be an ideal product in the photo industry with outdoor photographers and Pros who travel to remote locations."

The LumiQuest SoLite is powered by high efficiency, USA made solar panels that are the best commercially available. The multi-switched (low-off-high), shuts off automatically in bright light, pivots to direct light and catch sunlight and lasts 6+ hours. In addition, the SoLite includes 1 high-temp "AA" size NiMH rechargeable/replaceable battery. These high-temp batteries can withstand heat up to 55C (131F) and maintain charging efficiency. The LumiQuest SoLites have blended ABS plastics so they won't warp in extreme heat. In addition, the high carbon steel frame has multi layers of stainless steel coating and the globes are shatter-resistant polycarbonate. With proper care, the rainproof SoLite bulb can last up to 10 years. Included with each LumiQuest SoLite is a free 6" bungee ball to easily attach the SoLite to tripods, boat rails, inside tents, etc. "As we all try to do our part to create a cleaner planet, we love the fact that the SoLites have zero emissions and a negative carbon footprint, noted Heidi Kenny, clearly a safer and environmentally friendly alternative to kerosene lanterns or generators."

LumiQuest is Nokero's exclusive distributor in the USA for the photo and marine industries. It is available at authorized dealers and on-line at The MSRP is $19.95.

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