Honl Photo traveller16 softbox release

Dec 01 2011

Honl Photo Inc., a popular manufacturer of lighting accessories, has just released traveller16 softbox, a new addition to its line of professional light modifiers. It is made after its little brother traveller8, which was introduced last year. The new softbox has the same design concept, but it is two times bigger giving you much softer light.

The traveller16 softbox is designed to be used off the camera. It falls into the same category as, for example, GamiLight 43 softbox or Speedlight Pro Kit Beauty Dish because it mounts directly onto a flash head without a bracket. (The Speed Strap is included.)

The traveller16 features a removable internal baffle for extra light softness, and it folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

The current retail price is 149.95 USD. At the moment, the softbox is only available from Honl Photo Inc. web-site, but we would expect it soon to appear at all major retailers.

Honl Photo traveller16 softbox

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