GamiLight releases SPOT 2 and EVENT PRO light modifiers

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Jun 10 2011

Update: GamiLight SPOT 2 review

Gami Light Concepts extends its line of light modifiers for hot shoe flashes with two new products: EVENT PRO and SPOT 2. EVENT PRO is aimed at event photography market, whereas SPOT 2 is designed for studio type of photo applications.

GamiLight SPOT 2 is a snoot that assembles with snap buttons, which GamiLight uses for all of its current products. SPOT 2 comes with an attachment that focuses the light even more, giving you a choice of two light spot sizes.

GamiLight EVENT PRO is a variable angle reflector. Like Demb Flip-it! or Rogue Bounce Card, it allows you to change ratio between fill light and the light bounce off of the ceiling. Compact and lightweight, EVENT PRO might turn out to be a good companion for event shooting professionals and flash hobbyists alike.

Both light modifiers attach to a flash with the GamiLight's proprietary mount that has been previously introduced with SQUARE 43 and BOX 21 softboxes.

Please find the official press release below.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Date: 10th June 2011

Gami Light Concepts, the Malaysian company who has released SQUARE 43 and BOX 21 since March 2011 has added two new products under its belt. These latest innovations have the characteristics to cause a stir in the photography world. They are both fold flat with snap system that attaches to the mount like its previous products.

The SPOT 2 gives you full studio honeycomb effect on off camera shooting. It is designed to allow your direct flash being modified into a gradual tone with full circle spot. SPOT 2 is ideal for highlight and gradual tone circle spot for portraitures and product shots. It replaces snoot that produces hard edges and lets you create a full circle spot with gradual tone just like studio honeycomb does. It comes with an adapter that's designed to produce 2 different spot sizes. Light loss is approximately 1 stop at flash zoom to 105mm. Weight: 0.2kg

The EVENT PRO is designed for full event photography. It is almost invisible with its translucent material where you can use it without drawing much attention on your shooting. It gives you the freedom to adjust different degree of lighting controls at ease. EVENT PRO enables you to transform from bounce light to mini softbox in mere seconds. It lets you keep in a position where you can continue shooting with your direct flash.

With the latest addition, Gami Light now carries 4 products with dealers in US, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, HK and Malaysia. For a relatively new company, it is quite an amazing feat. "We are producing a Gami Light photography guide book in June, a detailed guide on how to achieve the desire lighting you want for your portraiture shots." Dennis Kok who helms the R&D for the company related. "It is like a recipe book concept where you gather all the necessary ingredients, follow the instructions and ready to cook up some nice dishes without fail." Added Kok. It is understood that Gami Light Concepts will make some accessories for both SQUARE 43 and BOX 21 in July. There will be color gel, color gel holder as well as diffuser both useable for SQUARE 43 and BOX 21. These will make the product line even more complete and give Gami Light an edge in the lighting modifiers market.

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