GamiLight SOFT PLUS 43 accessory and "Portraits Volume 01" book

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Dec 13 2011

GamiLight, a Malaysian manufacturer of lighting accessories for hot-shoe flashes, has recently added two new items to its product line-up: SOFT PLUS 43 and "Portraits Volume 01".

SOFT PLUS 43 is an accessory for GamiLight SQUARE 43 softbox, the modifier that seems to start gaining popularity among the photographers world-wide. Like most shoot-through diffusers for hot-shoe flashes, SQUARE 43 can exhibit a quite noticeable hotspot if you don't control it with the zoom of your flash, as we showed in our SQUARE 43 review. GamiLight SOFT PLUS 43 insures that the light is even throughout the whole front surface of SQUARE 43 regardless of the flash zoom settings. (This is especially valuable if you don't have the luxury of a zoom flash head.)

In our quick tests, we confirmed that the hot spot is very well controlled at all flash zoom levels. So, SOFT PLUS 43 can be a nice addition to your gear arsenal if you want to avoid the hassle of setting your flash to the widest zoom value every time you use GamiLight SQUARE 43.

GamiLight SOFT PLUS 43: folded flat GamiLight SOFT PLUS 43: attaching to GamiLight SQUARE 43
GamiLight SOFT PLUS 43: installed on GamiLight SQUARE 43 GamiLight SOFT PLUS 43: light distribution pattern, flash zoom at 24mm

"Portraits Volume 01" is a photography guide book that contains 16 different lighting setups with the following GamiLight lighting equipment: GamiLight SQUARE 43, BOX 21, and SPOT 2. The images are not post-processed (intentionally), and they show what you get with GamiLight modifiers right out of the camera. While "Portraits Volume 01" may not be the most exciting photo guide out there, at the current price of USD 5.50, it can be a good starting point for someone who wants to get into studio photography with hot-shoe flash units. There are some useful lighting tips throughout the book.

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